UPDATE: 7/3/2020 :

Good evening Pinon Pines residents. Thank you for your effort to conserve water this week. New motors have been installed in the two wells that failed. The wells have been flushed, passed the bacteriological tests and are now back on line. Feel free to go back to your regular responsible watering schedules.


Thank you,
Austin Mielke
General Manager


Pinon Pines Water is experiencing some serious issues with our well pumps at this time.

One of our well pump motors failed a few weeks ago and is in the process of being serviced and another well’s pump motor failed yesterday. We are working on getting the repairs made to both wells ASAP and should have at least one back online by next weekend.

This leaves only one well in operation and it only has enough capacity to pump 165,500 gallons per day. This is slightly less than the demand that we are experiencing at this time.

At this time it is critical that you conserve water as much as possible. Please cut back or turn off your automatic irrigation system and reduce the use of water for landscape purposes. Evaluate your household use to delay and reduce all water usage. It is very important to retain as much water as possible in our tanks in the event it is needed for a fire. If everyone conserves by 20% this week we will be able to keep our tanks full for the time being.

We do not have an email address for everyone in Pinon Pines. Please share this information with your neighbors, if needed.

Thank You,

Austin Mielke
General Manager
Pinon Pines Mutual Water Company
1467 Tecuya Dr. Frazier Park, CA 93225
(661) 245-4420
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