Welcome to PPEMMC

Pinon Pines Estates Mutual Water Company is committed to providing shareholders with the highest quality and most cost-effective water services while preserving public health, protecting environment, and ensuring the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Water is our most valuable shared resource and together we can keep it that way for generations to come


Meetings and Agendas

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm.  Please check the board for updates.

Meetings are held at the Community Building:

1001 Coldwater Drive
(Corner of Deer Trail)


Meeting Agendas:

Meeting Minutes:

Quarterly Updates:

Consumer Confidence Reports:

CA Drinking Water Watch Website:
Public information regarding our water system from the State Water Resource Control Board

PPEMWC Governing Documents:

Contacts and Payments

Bookkeeping Phone: (661) 245-4003

Main Phone: (661) 245-4420

Emergency Contact List

Email: PinonPinesWater@gmail.com

Mailing Address:
1467 Tecuya Dr
Frazier Park, CA 93225

Maintenance Office:
1001 Coldwater Dr


  1. Cash or check accepted in drop box at Maintenance Office.
  2. COMING SOON: Pay with Credit or Debit Cards Online.
  3. Mail your payment to:
    Pinon Pines Water Company
    1467 Tecuya Dr
    Frazier Park, CA 93225

PPEMWC Board Members:

  • Brandon Grosh, President:
    (661) 295-4900
  • Larry Borcherding, Vice President:
    245-1408 / (661) 645-7873
  • Karen Laumbach, Secretary:
  • Dave Adams, Treasurer
    (661) 491-5022
  • John Everroad, Member At-Large:

Other Numbers:

  • Austin Mielke, Water System Manager/Operator:
    245-3626 / (661) 670-7699
  • Kelly Mielke, Bookkeeper: 
    245-1663 / (661) 805-7047
  • Bookkeeping Office (661) 245-4003
  • Email: pinonpineswater@gmail.com


For all Home Owners Association Issues please call:
PMP Management (661) 295-4900
Or visit www.PMPmanage.com

Emergency Contact List
In the event of a “water emergency” please make contact with someone on this list:

Austin Mielke, General Manager:
(661) 245-4420 or

(661) 670-7699 or
(661) 245-3626

Kelly Mielke, Bookkeeper:
(661) 245-4003

If you have a billing issue this is the number to call

Brandon Grosh, Board President:
(661) 295-4900

Kern County Sheriff’s Dispatch Line:
(661) 861-3110

Please call to report theft or vandalism

Kern County Fire Department Station 57:
(661) 245-3706

For Fire or Safety issues